Homero Manzi Tango Show

Homero Manzi traditional tango is where you can see the most authentic tango, as the show is the most chosen by the locals, at Homero Manzi traditional tango show you will find the real color of the local

Homero Manzi tango show is the most chosen by the local public as it is faithful to the traditional style of tango, dance with warmth and simplicity. These are reflected also in the homemade meals.

Dancers dance "to the floor", the most traditional style when the feet barely detach from the floor, creating beautiful arabesques. Homero Manzi Tango Show also displays numbers of stage tango, with the contribution of modern steps

Dancers seduce the audience in the group numbers particularly by the enjoyment they possess. Duets focus in the sensuality of tango, each couple has the opportunity to show their abilities in the impeccable classic moves, making the public to jump on an open ovation. They are mostly local who know well the songs and the form of dance.

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Homero Manzi

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The five member band is the best company possible, when they play different compositions of renowned bands of the Golden Age to tango. The band also offers their own magnificent arrangements, with enrich the musicality of the show, but always faithful to the essence of tango. 

Homero Manzi Tango Show

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Two singers complement each other. A female singer, contributes with her delicate color voice, while the male singers "talks" the songs with a robust timber, creating a comfortable contrast. Both of them venture between the tables while the public sing along. This is the best of being surrounded by locals.

Homero Manzi was one of the most known tango lyricist of all times. For instance, his tango lyric called "Sur" was written on one of the tables of this place. Café Homero Manzi is one of the many cradles of tango and the building is declared by the city a historical heritage. Café Homero Manzi is custodian of the old guard of tango, with the slums, immigrants, outcasts and the always changing Buenos Aires of hundred years ago.

Homero Manzi Tango Show

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The menu is purely Argentinean, with honest favors, replicating the homemade meals that you can find in any family gathering every Sunday lunch. Some of the dishes are the classic Matambre (rolled meat stuffed with vegetables) or empanadas. Other dishes show the Italian influence with the pasta, and there is the unmissable Chorizo Steak, famous for its generous size and taste. The dessert is the flan with dulce de leche, an icon of Argentinean desserts. 

Everything at Homero Manzi Tango Show, from the dance, to the music, the lyrics that everyone sings, the classic menu, makes of this traditional tango show the most chosen by the locals.

Starts at: 8.30pm dinner, 10.10pm show.

Transport: Free for San Telmo, Recoleta, Madero and Downtown. (additional USD15 apply for location outside the ones named)

Show duration: 1,30 hours. 

Cash (Best rate, safe payment in the Tango House and Transfer in upgraded to private), 


Credit card (contact us)


5 musicians on stage.

2 singers

8 Dancers

 *Full standard dinner, with drinks included, free round transfer with upgraded transfer in to direct private. Transfer back provided by the Tango House under their terms and conditions and confirmed before your payment. Safe and warranted payment.

Homero Manzi Tango Show

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Dinner Show Homero Manzi 

Show with Dinner included


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