• Dinner Show Esquina Carlos Gardel
  • Dinner Show Esquina Carlos Gardel
  • Dinner Show Esquina Carlos Gardel
  • Dinner Show Esquina Carlos Gardel
  • Dinner Show Esquina Carlos Gardel

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Dinner Show Esquina Carlos Gardel

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Dinner Show with Drinks and Coffee included


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Esquina Carlos Gardel Tango Show is the most chosen show by visitors to Buenos Aires, and a beautiful demonstration of traditional tango and its poor beginnings.    

Esquina Carlos Gardel is the most chosen tango show by visitors to the city. In this tango show there is a delicate balance between splendor and traditional tango, taking the audience to the different historical moments of tango, from its poor beginnings in the slums to the great music halls. One of the most memorable numbers resemble de spontaneous dances that used to occurred in the neighborhoods, with a matching choreography and costumes, all dancing with very happy moves. 

The sound of the band with compacted beats, adding happiness to the rhythm of tango. The musical director, a very talented lady, is a very well-known violin player. The singers have clear voices, and it is to remarkable talent of the female singer. The show mixes stage tango with tango "to the floor" with creative individual demonstration. The rhythm allows to enjoy the steps and every performance is like a post card to remember. 

Honoring the memory of iconic singer Carlos Gardel, this shows has a two guitar players, like the ones used to escort the famous singer. Avant Garde lighting "dresses" the group dance numbers with beautiful settings. 

La Esquina was originally a cabaret that used to be frequented by Carlos Gardel in the 20's and beginning of 30's. 

Esquina Carlos Gardel Show takes place in the old neighborhood of Abasto, only 2km from the city center. A century ago this area was the city limits. 

The table service is kind and efficient and dinner is clearly something to remember. You'll be able to choose from Standard and VIP options. Esquina Carlos Gardel is a show to remember. 

The theatre is like a luxurious cabaret from early XX century. The big tables allow a comfortable view and acoustics. Dinner service is impeccable.  Esquina Carlos Gardel represents history of tango. The theatre also offers beatiful souvenirs. All these makes of Esquina Carlos Gardel the most chosen tango show by visitors to this fantastic city.