• Dinner Show Tango Porteño
  • Dinner Show Tango Porteño
  • Dinner Show Tango Porteño
  • Dinner Show Tango Porteño

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Dinner Show Tango Porteño

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Tango Porteño Tango Show is the spectacular reminiscence to the Golden Age of Tango, with colorful scenography and costumes, representing traditional tango as well as outstanding choreographies of the music hall. Tango Porteño is steps away from the Obelisk and is the biggest theater, band and cast of Buenos Aires.

Tango Porteño Show takes place in the biggest theatre of Buenos Aires. The show recreates a magic time, when everyone breathed tango and that saw the birth of the classic tango songs of all times. The scenography is impressive and becomes another member of the cast, the dancers use it to the full, even in the high as there is a number that uses ropes. This show amazes with the dancers and the colorful surroundings with a fantastic lighting.

Tango Porteño Tango Show has the biggest band and dancing cast, with more than 28 artists on the stage displaying their talent. They dance traditional tango "to de floor" as the feed do not leave the floor creating beautiful arabesques. They show us also the humorous group scenes, with many changes of scenography and elaborated dance numbers. This evokes the great music halls of the Golden Age of tango in the 40's, when tango was present in every corner of Buenos Aires, and the great tango bands were the pulse of the city.

Also, Tango Porteño is the only show honoring the memory of Evita with a very famous song about her.

In Tango Porteño Tango Show you can also join the FREE tango lesson (joining in is optional) given by the same dancers you'll see on the stage. It is an opportunity to have your firsthand experience with this dance, rituals and music.

Dinner service is efficient, always careful of satisfying the requests of each individual table. Although Tango Porteño is the biggest theatre in town, visibility is never compromised.

Tango Porteño is the perfect combination between traditional tango and music hall.