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  • Only Show Rojo Tango
  • Only Show Rojo Tango
  • Only Show Rojo Tango
  • Only Show Rojo Tango

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Only Show Rojo Tango

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Rojo Tango in Puerto Madero is the VIP show of Buenos Aires with its refined style of the caberet, glamour and the best dancers of international experience, very close to the public that in the Rojo Tango Hotel Faena enjoy of the best gourmet dinner. 

Rojo Tango Puerto Madero tango show does not spare in effort to become by far the most VIP tango show of Buenos Aires. The esthetics is of very refined cabaret, very much a symbol of the sensuality in the origins of tango.

In this show you will see the best tango dancers, capable of making numbers only seen in this house of tango. The lead dancer, the multi award winning and mythical Carlos Copello, unavoidably one of the Top 5 among the mythical dancers.

Home of this show is the Hotel Faena in Puerto Madero, in a reduced hall which is the stamp of this show. All spaces are used to the full, as the performers break all sense of distance between the audience and artists, who dance, sing and play in between the tables, though always keeping a proper distance. It is a pleasure seeing the artists just a few centimeters from us, either between or on the tables, the bar, and the band playing.

It is a very refined show with an aesthetic design to perfection: the cast members use over a hundred different costumes with up to 3 kilograms of Swarovsky crystals, handmade tango shoes, everything is a jewel.

All cast members have different roles. Each of them can be singing and later dancing, including the duet conformed by the two singers.

The female singers as an impressive sensual presence, with a strong voice. The perfect casting for this imposing show that is Rojo Tango in Puerto Madero.

The sensual chords of tango are played from behind the audience, though, this is a sensuous effect as the band is practically mingling with the public.

Splendor, luxury and sophistication are reflected in the sophisticated costumes, but the most important is that Rojo Tango at Hotel Faena is able to transmit the real passion of tango. This is a show that transports you, and invades all your senses.

Rojo Tango VIP tango show is the highest expression of sophistication of tango. This sophistication you'll find it from beginning to end. Starting with the long walk through the careful design of French artist Phillipe Stack to make your way to this beautiful minimalist theater. Black, white and red are the colors creating this outstanding demonstration of passion, luxury and glamour.

Rojo Tango, means tango passion and refined glamour of the cabaret.